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Second Screen: Your Direct Line to Audience Engagement and Analytics

Turn the Mobile Device Into an Unlimited Event Engagement and Measurement Tool

What you will learn↑

  • The science behind second screen
  • What second screen can do for your event
  • How to rock the second screen rollout
  • Ways to pump up the volume with second screen

We live in an always-on society, where our event attendees are expected—and even want—to stay connected to their work when they are at home or out of office.

Mobile devices are a part of attendees’ everyday routines, whether at home, on the job, or on the show floor — so why not tap into this behavior by transforming the mobile device into a part of the overall event experience? That’s where second screen technology comes into play — transforming your attendee’s mobile devices into an unlimited event engagement tool and providing you with immense data on audience preferences, speaker and content performance, and more.

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