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Using Digital Tools With Exhibitors — Our Five Tips

Exhibitors are juggling a lot of tasks and wearing a lot of hats when they’re preparing their booth spaces — staffing, planning, designing, sponsorships, and more.

They’re pressed for time and attention, and they look to show organizers to help make their exhibit experience as smooth as possible.

Whether it’s a sponsorship placement, show floor visibility, or even making it easier to manage the details, these five tips can help you meet your exhibitors’ challenges head-on with the right digital tool for the job.

1. Learn which digital tools can help your exhibitors with their pain points.

Knowing your exhibitors’ journey will help you understand their goals, needs, and challenges — and give you the information you need to make smart recommendations. The more time and energy exhibitors save on event logistics, the more time they can spend on high-ROI activities like talking to new leads.

2. Allow your exhibitors to select their locations with confidence.

Traditional floor planning methods offer exhibitors no insight into whether attendees are interested in visiting their booths, and if so, who these attendees are. These factors make ROI difficult to predict. A good digital floor plan application will offer real-time floor plan updates, taking the unpredictability out of equation for exhibitors.

3. Give exhibitors a virtual tour of available sponsorship areas.

From banners to digital signage, a virtual tour lets exhibitors see how sponsorship opportunities will look during the event and where they’re located in relation to their booths. This can save exhibitors from the frustration of selecting the perfect spot, only to find out it’s already spoken for.

4. Offer a digital option for common exhibitor tasks.

A self-service portal or downloadable app allows exhibitors to use a digital check-in and move-out process, order furnishings, fill out forms, arrange shipping, and keep track of important milestones. These tools can do wonders for smoothing out the tedious administrative tasks that can bog down even the most experienced exhibitors.

5. Integrate digital products and services.

Finding digital tools that integrate well with each other helps to provide comprehensive solutions at every point along the exhibitor journey. While each digital tool may be valuable on its own, the true impact becomes apparent when these tools are combined.

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