Executive summary: Planning through uncertainty

What you need to know about COVID-19 and events

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Despite concerns about the Delta variant, our data shows that face-to-face events are actually safer than daily activities like going to the grocery store. 

This executive summary of our new research, in partnership with Epistemix, breaks down key insights to help you better prepare and deliver safe, engaging events even in the midst of uncertainty. 

Key points include:

  • Epistemix modeling found risks of infection at events to be as much as eight times less than the metro area where they were being held.
  • In-person business event participants are more likely to be vaccinated than the U.S. population, reflecting a vaccination rate above 80 percent and creating vaccination coverage that drastically cuts transmission of COVID-19 at those events regardless of the gathering size.
  • Despite some concerns over the Delta variant, the majority of attendees and exhibitors want to return to in-person events, and over 90 percent are not opposed to additional health and safety protocols to enable them to gather safely. Further, those who do not support additional protocols say they instead choose to stay home, mitigating any added risks of potential infections.

Ready to dig in and find out more? Download the summary now to start making this data work for your event strategy as we navigate the unknown together.

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