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Lead By Design

Bruce Mau
First, Inspire.
Design is Leadership.
Lead by Example.
Lead by Design.

Bruce Mau

Chief Design Officer

As a child, you experienced the world with your whole being. Free from doubt, prejudice, and social norms, you experienced life fully and deeply through all five senses—unencumbered by limits or boundaries. Through this embodied discovery using sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell, fully engaged, you transformed into who you have become.

Bruce Mau, legendary designer of human experience, invites you to revisit this time. ‘Designing for the Five Senses’ is a challenge for us all to use design to iterate and improve the world. In this groundbreaking monologue – part performance art, part manifesto, part storytelling, and 100% multi-sensory immersion – you will reconnect with heart, mind, and memory through an orchestrated tour of all your senses that will transport you back to a time when you were discovering the world. Ignite the wisdom of our shared past of discovery and boundless possibility. Emerge inspired, reminded that the beauty of our universal humanity always was, already is, and still has time to be.

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