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All-In Participation

All-In Participation

Experiences and content that captivate

Immersive experiences surround individuals with captivating content. Attendees can dive into a compelling brand or product story in a single moment or via multiple channels before, during, and after the event. The result? Entertaining and informative memories that form deeper connections to your organization.

All-In Participation in Action:

  • HBO created a real-life version of Westworld for SXSW with its “SXSWestworld” experience, allowing attendees to become part of the show through immersive, fan-directed content.
  • Sleep Number recognized that CES attendees need a place to rest, so the brand offered in-booth beds ready for horizontal respites — complete with content touting its newest bed on large screens visible only when lying down.
  • An educational foundation immersed attendees in a staged “cyber attack” using individually coded wristbands and a huge, 3D digital display to help audiences experience this potential threat.
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