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Connected Communities

Connected Communities

The new networking

Live experiences are all about creating connection. Go beyond generic networking and create purposeful moments for people to collaborate, learn from one another, and foster meaningful relationships. Creating community is a year-around effort that extends beyond the days of the event and creates a competitive advantage that’s hard to replicate.

Connected Communities in Action:

  • For its 350th-anniversary event, Merck KGaA had its employees build a “CurioCity” online and in real life to connect employees across the globe. The event engaged employees physically and online.
  • At CES, the American Express Open booth featured an escape room activation with a series of time-sensitive puzzles that attendee teams were challenged to solve. Working together encouraged teamwork and problem solving while subtly promoting the brand’s products and services.
  • The Professional Photographers of America created post-keynote huddles at PPA Connect Live. Attendees joined intimate, rotating roundtables to learn from each other. PPA provided a list of curated topics along with a “huddle host” to facilitate.
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