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Data Action

Data Action

On-demand decision-making

Not long ago, event professionals struggled to get access to data. Nowadays, it seems there’s more data than we can comprehend. Turn data into action with a solid framework and real-time analytic dashboards to monitor what’s working and what’s not — including ROI, YOY benchmarks, and other relevant insights. The result? Adjustments in the moment and actions that deliver results.

Data Action in Action:

  • Cisco used data to identify a new opportunity (first-time attendees) and create a better value (online chat rooms, mentorship programs with CiscoLive veterans), ultimately resulting in a 95 percent recommend rate.
  • A tech industry leader used real-time surveys at CES to get visitor feedback on exhibits. With that feedback, the brand adjusted one of its demos to better suit attendee needs and saw a 16 percent increase in value following the change.
  • PCMA featured a visual dashboard to provide real-time data streams
    of audience feedback and insights allowing the organization to adjust
    programming on the fly and increase digital engagement.
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