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Data Integration

Data Integration

An ecosystem that equals insights

Event tech keeps evolving, which can make life easier for event pros. But more tech also means more info. So how can you make sense of the data dump? Integrate your data with a platform that consolidates and disseminates key data. Products are vetted to work together within an ecosystem, meaning no surprises on the show floor. The best part? Smooth integration leads to a data-rich strategy.

Data Integration in Action:

  • Longtime partner to the US Open, IBM offered fans tech-powered experiences including chatbots, shareable AI, and interactive dashboards showing revelations about the US Open through years of integrated data.
  • It’s early in this trend’s life cycle, but opportunities await. Work with a Freeman strategist to help you apply this idea at your next event.
  • A tech association combined all its disparate data points to get a holistic view of potential improvements. Data consolidation uncovered several opportunities to improve sales and marketing efforts, which increased show revenue and elevated the organization’s NPS.
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