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High-Return Sponsorships

High-Return Sponsorships

Powerful partnerships

Traditional banner sponsorships are out! What’s in? Tech-based experiential activations that hook attendees, deliver trackable ROI, and create an engaging, memorable moment. With options like chatbots, AR/VR, digital signage, and more, these high-return activations can drive awareness before, during, and after an event.

High-Return Sponsorships in Action:

  • Vodafone harnessed an integrated sponsorship campaign at the Capital’s Summertime Ball, injecting its brand messaging into live events, VIP areas, social media marketing, and swag. 96 percent of attendees recalled Vodafone as a sponsor — talk about Total Recall!
  • Caterpillar delivered branded messages at every touchpoint (including signage at the Las Vegas airport!) of the attendee journey, generating high traffic to its exhibit and incredible business opportunities.
  • It’s early in this trend’s life cycle, but opportunities await. Work with a Freeman strategist to help you apply this idea at your next event.
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