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All are welcome

Uniform, one-size-fits-all events no longer fit. Today’s audiences expect brands to value inclusion and diversity. Savvy marketers take an inclusive approach to addressing all groups, such as genders, ethnicities, ages, and varying physical abilities. Whether it’s anticipating dietary restrictions, physical mobility, or any particular needs, it’s essential to build an experience everyone can enjoy.

Inclusion in Action:

  • For Github Universe, the tech brand makes sure the event is accessible and enjoyable for all with programs like closed-captioned sessions, prayer rooms, gender-neutral bathrooms, and dedicated perks for families and service animals.
  • At SXSW, the Sony WOW Studio exhibit experience “The CAVE without a LIGHT” allowed attendees to play music with other attendees in a pitch-black cavern-like space — an experience that could be enjoyed whether with or without sight.
  • The Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE) has a committee dedicated to developing inclusive initiatives at its annual conference. Programs include breakout sessions focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion, awards for individuals increasing multiculturalism,
    and diversity training for presenters.
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