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Location Mapping

Location Mapping

Connecting via proximity

Beacon-enabled platforms, RFID badges, and other predictive tech are not the rise of Big Brother but the dawn of hyper-personalization — where marketers can analyze attendee behavior to deliver real-time, accurate, and relevant information.

Location Mapping in Action:

  • CiscoLive used an AI-augmented app and beacon-enhanced badges to provide attendees with real-time, hyper-localized and personalized recommendations around 850 sessions, 350 booths, and dozens of keynotes.
  • At SXSW, Pepsi used digital wristbands and gesture technology to measure attendees’ body temperatures as they danced. Users opted in to see fun metrics (ex. dancing levels) on a giant screen, while Pepsi was able to regulate the room for optimum party conditions.
  • During the level-up experience at the Summer Fancy Food show, The Specialty Food Association offered wayfinding to help attendees easily find ‘Tomorrow’s Products Today’ with custom maps on touchscreens leading to tasty areas of interest.
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