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Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality

The next evolution of VR

Mixed reality blends the virtual with actual reality in a real-world environment. The tech can enable remote viewers to interact with content and feel like they’re part of the experience — no more lonely “single-player” VR. Opportunities for the event space abound, from holographic product demos to fully integrated, interactive brand stories.

Mixed Reality in Action:

  • Google I/O wants to give everyone, despite travel or budget challenges, a chance to learn. That’s why the tech leader records all events with a 360-degree camera and posts speeches live so that anyone in the world can follow along.
  • At the Outdoor Retailer event, Mountain Hardwear created hyperrealistic displays of life-size camping products in an immersive exhibit environment courtesy of its AR app.
  • To create relevant and immersive VR experiences tailored to its high-tech audience of 40,000+ attendees, Infocomm featured a sophisticated tech pavilion that became the most visited area of the show floor.
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