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Five-sense experiences

Most marketing tactics engage two senses — sight and sound. Live experiences have the ability to engage all senses, creating richer, more textural environments. By layering in touch, taste, and smell, these multisensory experiences can dimensionalize a brand and unlock authentic emotional responses.

Multisensory in Action:

  • Refinery29’s 29Rooms event included customized spaces where each sponsor brought a unique multisensory exhibit, including Demi Lovato’s tattoo parlor and Marc Jacobs’s daisy-scented perfume room.
  • Aetna created sensory experiences in its exhibit that encouraged attendees to fully enjoy the beauty of plants and flowers through sight, sound, and smell at the Philadelphia flower show.
  • The American Cancer Society hosted a garden “When Hope Grows” gala complete with plants, garden-inspired cocktails, living plant walls, and pots of lavender on each table. The sensory-rich experience raised $2.1 million.
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