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Retail Experience

Retail Experience

Streamlined shopping

The retail experience is part of our culture. Modernized shopping made easy, when done right, allows you to skip the Starbucks line by using the app or buy goods at the Apple store without standing at a register. As these experiences become more common, consumers increasingly expect the same service at the events they attend.

Retail Experience in Action:

  • Facebook brought its data to life by designing the “IQ Mart,” a live simulated retail environment targeting business owners. The installation helped to visualize how social media can influence buying decisions.
  • Avocados of Mexico designed a high-tech vending machine with customizable meal options featuring the avocado. The innovative idea served its purpose: the “Avo-matic” brought in 40 percent more traffic to its booth than in previous years.
  • Leave it to the National Retail Federation (NRF) to showcase innovative retail for attendees at its annual event. Two dedicated areas allowed attendees a glimpse into the future of retail with hands-on shopping experiences.
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