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Risk Takers

Risk Takers

Fearless in uncertain times

Taking an unexpected (or even controversial) path can be intimidating when planning a live experience. Yet risk often leads to failure, failure leads to learning, and learning leads to smarter, strategic solutions. Risks don’t have to be blind: Tapping into data helps identify ideal timing for the best outcome.

Risk Takers in Action:

  • MobileIron took its event from traditional meeting spaces to luxurious homes in customer-centric cities. Keynotes were delivered poolside and breakouts activated in master suites, allowing attendees to feel right at home.
  • Instead of providing samples at Natural Foods Expo West, Kashi used its booth to display a large 3D to highlight an important stat: less than 1 percent of U.S. farmland is organic. This left turn offered the right outcome — a renewed reverence for the brand and hardworking farmers.
  • Attendees at C2 Montreal were literally taken out of their comfort zones in the Sky Lab sessions. This brainstorming activity suspended attendees 30 feet above a mirrored floor on the basis that risk spurs creativity.
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