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Smart Growth

Smart Growth

A segmented strategy

Attendees are the lifeblood of any live experience. But how can you attract the right attendees and grow your audience at the right pace? Smart growth combines insightful audience segmentation with powerful digital marketing and attendee acquisition strategies through tactics like dynamic websites, email marketing, social media, digital advertising, audience retargeting, chatbots, and custom applications.

Smart Growth in Action:

  • Marketo needed a cutting-edge campaign to promote its Marketing Nation Summit and delight attendees on-site. A personalized email campaign generated pre-show excitement, and a custom event app increased interactivity, generating at 25 percent uptick in leads.
  • It’s early in this trend’s life cycle, but opportunities await. Work with a Freeman strategist to help you apply this idea at your next event.
  • To reach very specific audience targets and provide a more tailored event experience, the American Optometric Association (AOA) overhauled its integrated marketing and outreach plan, which drove significant increases in attendance and member engagement.
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