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Visual Speak

Visual Speak

Do you speak emoji?

Interesting images fill our newsfeeds, catalogue our memories, and hold our attention. At events, visual content often leads to a better experience and deeper learning. Visuals also complement and sometimes replace text through wayfinding, event guides, and more. Global bonus: Photos (and emojis!) transcend language, allowing for seamless communication across cultures.

Visual Speak in Action:

  • To celebrate Pride and visually communicate the brand’s dedication to inclusion, Capital One branded its customer centers in NYC and Washington, D.C., with rainbow-colored lighting for the month of June.
  • Industrial solutions provider BASF created a theatrical “fashion show” in its exhibit featuring designer outfits made with the brand’s materials — complete with animated infographics and custom screen content to visually convey offerings.
  • At PCMA Influencers Summit, guest speaker and author Kjell Nordström ditched PowerPoint and instead worked with an artist who transformed key messages into compelling collages.
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