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A Virtual Evolution in the Print Industry


Costly Logistics

Industry: Technology

For over 25 years, EFI has delivered printing technologies for the manufacturing of signage, packaging, textiles, ceramic tiles, and personalized documents. Showcasing these technologies was not only difficult, but also quite costly due to the physical size of the printers. This required clients to fly to the demo cities in order to experience the equipment and decide if it would meet their needs. EFI turned to Freeman for a cost-saving solution utilizing digital technology.

Virtual Sales Tool

The first priority was to create an experience that helped EFI qualify the right customers to bring to its printer demo room. They needed to demonstrate how the printer works and its size without having to ship the actual printer. We delivered a virtual reality experience that allows customers to interact with the printer through a product explorer. Initially, the experience was delivered to EFI offices as an engaging sales tool.

Taking it on the Road

With the success of the product explorer at the EFI offices, it was a natural fit to bring the experience to the booth at SGIA. Not only did virtual reality provide a portable option to showcase its HS125 printer, it fit perfectly with the brand’s goal of using innovative technology. Virtual reality made it possible for attendees to see and experience firsthand elements of the printer that couldn’t be shown on the trade show floor, leading to many “aha” moments for prospective customers.

Rave Reviews

The result was a multipurpose virtual reality (VR) experience, with the EFI sales force asking for their own VR kits. Now EFI can save the $50,000+ to transport and set up one unit at a trade show or event. SGIA attendees spent an average of eight to 10 minutes interacting with the product explorer. One attendee said, “It’s a great way to show the printer. It was amazing being able to see the machine inside and out. That’s the best part; really diving into the machine to understand it.”

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