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International Association of Chiefs of Police

Annual Conference & Exposition

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Bringing new meaning to the badge


Increasing engagement through experience

Location: Chicago / USA Industry: Government, Public & Non-Profit

To help IACP enhance its annual meeting, we began by researching the needs of law enforcement professionals. Our findings illuminated how the onsite experience could better connect with the emotional connection police officers have to their careers.

We looked at the event experience as a whole, taking into account pre-show marketing, content and education, the expo environment, digital tools, and entertainment. These event components were all evaluated in the context of the IACP audience and their wants, needs and expectations.

Getting to the heart

Our strategists gained an understanding of the law enforcement profession and its heartfelt dedication to serving and protecting our communities. The audit illuminated how the on-site experience could better connect with the emotional connection police officers have to their careers.

We identified opportunities to recognize IACP members in a new and special way. We help IACP create the Why I Wear the Badge campaign to highlight the individual reasons for members pursued a career in law enforcement. The heartfelt campaign created a venue for recognizing and celebrating law enforcement professionals for their service and dedication.

Bringing the campaign to life

This campaign came to life through multiple channels, including digital marketing and the association website, social media, and on-site at the annual conference and expo. On-site, graphics printed with photos of officers and their answers to “Why I Wear the Badge,” were celebrated throughout, along with pictures drawn by students in local elementary schools thanking officers for the work they do.

A large graffiti wall stood outside the general session hall so participants could share their responses . The association’s booth in the exhibit hall included a camera-ready space where attendees could participate in the campaign by posing for photos that were available for printing as a take-home reminder of their conference visit and for sharing on social media.

Enhancing emotional engagement

The “Why I Wear the Badge” campaign created tremendous buzz throughout the event and a Twitter campaign that generated incredible results by the final day.

  • 9,275

    mentions on Twitter

  • 4,500

    users engaged on Twitter

  • 52.8m

    impressions from the social campaign

Thanks to the event research, we were able to work together to find just the right campaign to connect our annual meeting with our members and why they work so hard to serve their communities.

Gene Voegtlin

IACP Director of Policy, Outreach & Membership Services, IACP

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