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Capital’s Monster Mash-Up


Combining Halloween and Music to Engage a Youth Audience


Tapping into a new audience of music lovers

Location: London, Liverpool, and Manchester / UK Industry: Consumer Goods Sports, Entertainment & Travel

Leading telecommunications brand Vodafone was keen to drive brand consideration and positive engagement among 18-24-year-olds, an audience made up of people who are visibly aware of the world around them and thrive on live experiences. The brand saw that activating its headline sponsorship of Capital’s Monster Mash-Up — a brand-new set of UK-based Halloween-inspired electronic dance music events from Global — as the perfect opportunity to connect emotively with the group in new and unique ways.

Driving brand consideration through live engagement

Vodafone wanted to provide attendees with a series of memorable cultural experiences at the events. As the lead creative agency for the series, Freeman ensured this was achieved pre-, during, and post-event through its creation of a spooky figure known as the "phantom." The character "haunted" channels including radio, TV, digital and social media through static imagery and an eerie video, and it was physically present in the live environment.

A presence that was visible in more ways than one

The images and video were unmissable as the stage backdrop at each event, and physical incarnations of the character immersed attendees in the Vodafone brand. Trained actors who played the phantom greeted visitors on arrival and provided them with branded merchandise, including red LED torches. Guests could capture selfies with the figures as they made their way around the venues, while event images and Boomerang videos were captured live and shared across Vodafone’s social channels.

Boosting the UK's Halloween event calendar

The sold-out events were such a success that Global is making them a permanent addition to its portfolio, and Vodafone is set to continue as headline sponsor. Over 3M social engagements were fueled across the campaign, and average social positive sentiment was recorded at 77 percent. Pre-, during, and post-event video content attracted nearly three million views, including 1.2M for the music video, and 1.2M for videos captured during the events, which were viewed to completion 742,000 times.

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