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Finding a new formula

Cloud-based application provider FinancialForce holds its annual meeting to engage customers, partners, and prospects. The team was months deep into planning this key lead acceleration event when COVID-19 changed everything.

FinancialForce knew an online shift was evident, but the team strived for something more meaningful than a webinar. Instead of cutting and pasting in-person content on a virtual platform with one-way sessions, the team envisioned generating productive two-way engagement.

Launching its first digital meeting posed a challenge, but FinancialForce knew that its virtual summit had to deliver essential product information, visionary thought leadership, and customer-centric sessions in an inviting way. To achieve these goals with a smooth move to virtual, FinancialForce turned to the experts at Freeman.


Virtual venue, agile approach

FinancialForce aimed to bridge the physical and digital gap while maintaining pipeline-driving results. With this as a guidepost, Freeman designed a virtual brand experience that replicated human connection that other virtual events miss.

FinancialForce took the first step by opting to broadcast the two half-day events live instead of pre-recording. Tapping top execs to host also created an approachable, authentic vibe.

Freeman worked closely with FinancialForce to bring the experience to life. The team developed the live broadcast strategy, including the attendee experience, storytelling presentation style, content programming, branded platform, host scripts, and in-depth project guide.

Freeman provided a customized platform to manage the broadcast, event flow, and engagement with a tailored chat/Q&A feature. The entire production was supported by a master control room in Dallas that managed feeds and content flow, as well as ongoing support behind the scenes.

Another key element was speaker prep for the new online realm. Freeman provided remote rehearsals and coaching, as well as customized speaker kits that included custom screen backdrops, video recorders, tripods, cameras, LED lighting, and audio mics. Along with easy setup instructions and best practices, we managed periodic tech checks ensuring that speakers were connected and comfortable.

Freeman designed an attendee journey that led guests through informative keynotes, product sessions, demos, roundtable discussions, user group networking, and breakouts. In turn, the brand provided a personalized two-way experience that facilitated ongoing connections. This approach let attendees see how FinancialForce products could help them improve business operations in real time.


Stats for success

average clicks per visit
countries represented

FinancialForce successfully reimagined its in-person event in a new, engaging way. Instead of a cut-and-paste pivot, the team delivered a digital-first event that more than achieved its goals. The flawless user experience generated monumental business and engaged 2000+ attendees, which exceeded registration goals by 150%.

By rethinking the content and formats for maximum online impact, FinancialForce provided the right connections with customers, prospects, and partners to continue growing its pipeline…online.

This shift generated interest from new verticals and geos (15 countries participated) that would not have been possible with a live-only event. It also attracted new attendees who may not have been able to join in-person. This online success story will pave the way for its integrated events today and tomorrow.

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