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In-person, virtual, or hybrid — all types of events have layers of complexity, droves of data, and lists upon lists of tasks to coordinate.

Your secret to success?

Getting each of those components to work together seamlessly to form a cohesive, memorable experience for your audience.

The right event technology services and software solutions can make your event easier to plan, easier to manage, and infinitely more engaging. Plus, they provide the data and insights that drive continued improvement. No matter how small or complex your event, you can have fully integrated tools that work in perfect harmony.

If you want to:

  • Engage audiences anywhere in the world
  • Make pre-event planning simpler and more data-driven
  • Seamlessly integrate data from multiple tech vendors so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Boost engagement with attendees while gathering valuable audience insights
  • Maximise sponsor and exhibitor revenue and grow relationships

Our technology and software offerings can help you:

  • Simplify your tasks with automated, effortless technology 
  • Harness data before, during, and after your event and turn it into actionable analytics
  • Employ technology to personalise experiences throughout the event and far beyond
  • Easily create a 365-day approach to content distribution 
  • Generate new branding and digital sponsorship opportunities

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Our technology and software solutions

Virtual event platforms

Deliver a virtual or hybrid event with ease — anywhere in the world — with seamless technology, audience interaction, virtual networking, and enticing sponsorship options.

Event content management software

Simplify the management of event content and speakers’ presentation materials, and keep everything organised — automatically.

Polling and session engagement

Capture attention and analytics with a dynamic second-screen tool that utilises attendees’ own devices to drive deeper engagement during keynotes, sessions, meetings, and more.

Registration and lead retrieval

Make a great first impression with comprehensive custom registration and lead management solutions that give exhibitors all the data they need to prove event ROI.

Event chatbots

Engage and inform attendees before, during, and after the event with fully integrated multi-channel and voice-powered solutions.

Data integration platform

Pre-built event tech integrations make it easy for data to flow smoothly across all tools, allowing you to deliver seamless, personalised attendee experiences.

Exhibit floor planning software

Streamline your show floor management and give your sales team an easy way to view and edit exhibition stand space and status in real time to manage inventory and increase revenue.

Analytics visualisation dashboard

Make better decisions based on centralised analytics that cut through the noise and show you what you need to know, when you need it.

Sponsorship management portal

Drive sponsorship sales and offer a great sponsor experience with virtual tours of your venue, real-time information on availability, and in-platform payment processing.

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