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3D Floor Plans

Visualise your event before it's begun

Our 3D Floor Plans service creates 3D representations of an event, using floor plans, exhibitor details and venue information.

3D Floor Plans lets organisers see what their event space will look like once exhibitors have set up. It can create virtual tours to guide visitors through the space, and it’s a great way to see how different layouts or design options will work in practice.

Bring your event to life ahead of time

3D Floor Plans helps organisers understand what their event will look and feel like in a way that floor plans alone cannot. It allows you to visualise different event layouts and materials or compare the design of areas such as the entrance and keynote theatre.

Exhibitors will reap the rewards of 3D Floor Plans too, as it allows them to see what their stand will actually look like within the event space before the show opens.

A win-win solution

3D Floor Plans’ unique 3D representations can be displayed as information boards and digital signage that grab visitors’ attention and help them navigate an event – an important benefit for operations teams. These 3D walkthroughs also allow organisers to view the event from a visitor’s perspective, enabling them to make layout changes as required.

Realistic images or video created using 3D Floor Plans can help sales teams secure business, as it allows exhibitors to see exactly what they are paying for. Furthermore, marketers can include these visually appealing 3D representations across event collateral to draw in visitors and generate excitement ahead of the event.

We appointed the team to create a 3D map for our prestigious shows and they didn’t disappoint – working with The 3D Floor Plans Team is a pleasure, as I’d expect from a multi-award winning company.

Tailored solutions to meet each and every need

We always create 3D Floor Plans to suit individual requirements. That means every project starts with a discussion about your event, its exhibitors, visitors, and importantly – what you’re trying to achieve.

Once we know what an organiser wants, our expert design team will explore a range of design options, which we’ll share to ensure you are pleased with the progress we’re making. Organisers can then use the completed images or video any way they like.


3D Floor Plans can be helpful if you’re involved in any aspect of organising, managing or running an event. It’s used by events of all types, from local gatherings to popular, high-profile events.

  • Create marketing materials that stand out. Grab the attention of potential visitors by using attractive visualisations online, in print and in your adverts and promotional materials.
  • Generate excitement as your event approaches. Use additional images or short videos in social updates and marketing emails. You can also let exhibitors use your visuals in their own materials.
  • Show visitors how to get around. For instance, create an interactive sign that lets visitors choose a destination, then shows them the route they’ll take.
  • Impress exhibitors, sponsors and visitors. Realistic images or video are a powerful way to show what’s special about your event to your most important customers.
  • Upsell stand locations and features. It can be hard for potential exhibitors to decide between different locations at your event. We’ll help you show them exactly what they’ll be getting.
  • Help exhibitors plan their own stands. Create customised visualisations that show exhibitors how their planned stand will look at your event. Does it stand out? Will it attract attention?


  • Cutting edge technology
  • Stunning visualisation
  • Varying styles up to photo realistic
  • Highly skilled artists and animators

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