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Simplifying Event Technology Integration

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How Fuzion by Freeman™ can provide an industry-wide solution to tech integration challenges

How organizers manage events has come a long way.

While there might always be a place for color-coded spreadsheets, organizers are increasingly relying on new technologies to streamline planning and logistics. And as consumers have come to expect digital experiences in all aspects of their lives, organizers are turning to these new technologies for increasingly innovative ways to engage attendees and bring events to the next level.

Unfortunately, many of these technology solutions have been operating in silos.

They gather data, but many times, the data doesn’t transfer from one solution to the next. As a result, event organizers struggle to get these systems to work together. This can require time-consuming and costly integrations as well as manual data processing.

Because of this inconvenience and overhead, event organizers may be reluctant to try new event technology vendors or solutions. Although it might mean missing out on a useful tool, the idea of going through yet another integration can be enough to hold them back.

Ideally, organizers would have access to a solution that enables all their technologies to work together seamlessly, with vital data flowing smoothly between each.

Enter Fuzion by Freeman™ .

The Missing Piece in Event Tech? A Product Ecosystem

The Missing Piece in Event Tech? A Product Ecosystem

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What Is Fuzion?

Fuzion by Freeman is an exciting new solution from Freeman that acts as an event tech ecosystem. Instead of each technology residing in its own silo with its own data, it creates a foundation that allows digital solutions to speak the same language.

This platform works by serving as an integrator across event technologies and applications. Organizers can plug-and-play any combination of certified member solutions, knowing that the integration is already taken care of for them. Key providers in the industry, such as CadmiumCD, CompuSystems, Core-apps, DoubleDutch, EXPOCAD, Hubb, and Map Your Show are already certified members. With over 80 event tech companies expressing interest in the last six months, new members continue to join the ecosystem. In addition, Freeman’s own solutions such as floor plan management, second screen, and presentation management will be integrated through Fuzion by Freeman.

“Event organizers are always looking for new ways to engage their audience and to make their shows better,” says Jesse Snipper, President and Co-Founder of Core-apps. “They often lean on technology to help with this. However, not all technology solutions are created equal and getting them to work together can be challenging for an already busy organizer.”

“The goal behind Fuzion by Freeman is to take the headache out of data integrations,” Snipper adds. “Certified members have established protocols and procedures for exchanging data — all an organizer has to do is decide how they want it to flow.”

A Win-Win Solution

Anyone who has tried a new technology has experienced the moment where they wonder if the work is worth the bother.

For event organizers, the problem with adopting new technology is twofold: Not only do they have to get up to speed with new solutions, but they also must spend time and resources integrating the new solutions with the ones they already use.

“Fuzion by Freeman removes the organizer from the role of ‘go-between’ among their tech companies,” explains Don Kline, President and CEO of Map Your Show LLC. “They spend less time making sure that the technology they are using works together, and more time making their event better.”

Digital and Event Technology Predictions: 2018 and Beyond


Digital and Event Technology Predictions: 2018 and Beyond

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How else can Fuzion benefit event organizers?

Fuzion by Freeman consolidates data collection. With disparate solutions, an organizer might know who is coming to the event, and even who is attending specific sessions at the event. But are they able to put those two data sets together to get the full picture?

Fuzion by Freeman allows disparate solutions to talk to each other through APIs, allowing data to flow smoothly.

Fuzion by Freeman creates value. At the event, the last thing an organizer wants is for a vital integration to fail. That, however, can happen with a system that has multiple one-off integrations. Instead, it becomes the technology hub, providing a single point of contact for integrations.

The benefits to organizers are clear, and the benefits are just as clear for the technology providers who become members of Fuzion by Freeman. Often, organizers are leery of signing on with a new tech solution provider out of concerns whether it will integrate well with their other solutions.

“This platform will give our prospects confidence in integrating with our solution via Fuzion by Freeman, without the uncertainty or the pain of the integration not working,” says Bryan Scott, Chief Strategy Officer of CadmiumCD.

Fuzion by Freeman gives these organizers peace of mind, knowing that any member will automatically be a good fit with other members. This not only reduces friction with potential clients, but creates a trust around being a Fuzion by Freeman member, which vendors can capitalize on to build credibility and reach new markets.

In addition, integrations can be costly and time-consuming for technology providers. Fuzion by Freeman aims to reduce the number of integrations they need to support their existing and new clients, freeing up valuable resources.

Transforming the Industry

Digital is here to stay. And while tech can automate tasks and collect vital data, event organizers face the problem of integrating their many solutions in a way that’s efficient and effective.

Instead of having to handle it all themselves, organizers are now seeing a new hope on the horizon, with an event product ecosystem that takes care of integration.

“Every event tech company wants to help organizers do their job better in less time,” says Bryan Scott. “Fuzion by Freeman will transform the way in which we do that, making our solutions more helpful than ever and providing organizers and attendees with a truly seamless experience.”

Special thanks to the Fuzion by Freeman founding members who contributed to this article:

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