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Exhibitor design and engagement starts here

This seasoned collection of nine resources covers planning best practices, attendee engagement, graphic design, immersive experiences, AV, digital marketing, measurement, and more.


Ready to supercharge visitor engagement?

Spoiler: it’s not always about the biggest booth or budget!


What's the best booth route for your organization?

Here’s a break down of exhibit structure options and why it matters. The choice is yours.


Get noticed with great graphics and digital displays

Exhibit signage best practices to help you make a visual splash on the floor.


Add a different reality to grab attendee interest

Exhibit strategies for creating irresistible immersive experiences.


Audio visual helps set the stage for an amazing audience experience

Straight from the pros — discover how to showcase your space (and attract visitors) with these best practices.


Increase your exhibit's reach with some marketing magic

Connecting with your audience before, during, and after the trade show.


Put your best booth forward

Choose the right team to engage trade show attendees and build your brand.


The new event measurement approach

Refresh your strategy with this guided framework built on data for data.


Count on these formulas to evaluate exhibit performance.

Exhibiting is a numbers game. So we’ve broken down the measurement math with this easy worksheet.


Need an exhibit planning refresher?

Check out this collection of our best getting-started guides for all things exhibit.

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Reach out and request a consultation.

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